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Carins Chandelier Earrings

Carins Chandelier Earrings

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Graceful, intricate and with bohemian flair, the CARINA Boho Beaded Gemstone Chandelier earrings are vibrantly eye-catching statement pieces.

Colourful tourmaline gems, linked with golden chains, create beautiful draping shapes that hang elegantly, reaching to below the jawline. These boho beaded gemstone chandelier earrings are designed to be attention-grabbing, exhibiting the beauty of the semi-precious tourmaline stones whilst adding some bohemian glamour to your look.

The vibrant colours of the tourmaline stones add a striking and carefree vigour to an ensemble, as well as being a stunning source of vitality and fun.

Tourmaline gems are semi-precious stones that are said to promote inspiration and happiness, as well as reduce fear and build self-confidence.

Avoid harsh chemicals.
All stones are natural stones and may vary from the product pictures.

Our Gold is 24ct 2.5 microns of Italian hand dipped, Gold plated.

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