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The Monocle Book of the Nordics

The Monocle Book of the Nordics

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Monocles latest book is a celebration of the Nordic region, with some surprises, quirks and maybe a sauna or two along the way. Monocles journalists, editors and photographers have returned time and again to all corners of northern Europe for insights, inspiration and ideas for living better. This book isn't about hammering the overhyped hygge trend or fussing over foamy food.

Much the opposite, it's about a shared but distinct set of values that have helped varied nations excel in quiet diplomacy, thoughtful design and reasoned debate. Monocle looks beyond the clichés and uncovers the folks, firms and stories that help the region rank highly for everything in everything from art and architecture to eating well. Far from lumping these different nations together, the Monocle team will highlight the people, places and products that show the Nordics in all their nuances: lessons we can all learn from makers in Norways high north or retailers reaching higher in Reykjavik; the firms building bridges in Denmark or selling Swedish soft power abroad.

The world can learn a lot from our knowing northern neighbours and The Monocle Book of the Nordics is the ideal place to start.

Features: 240 pages, hardcover

Published by: Monocle

Printed in: Italy

Dimensions: 30cm x 22.5cm x 2.5cm

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