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Ola Studios

Paper Rosette Garland Kit

Paper Rosette Garland Kit

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Introducing Ola's Paper Rosette Garland kit, a delightful way to transform their signature Patterned Papers into a beautiful string of rosettes, perfect for inspiring creativity and sustainable decorating. Immerse yourself in a few mindful hours of crafting as you assemble the garland, designed to be cherished for years to come.

In addition to crafting a garland, the kit offers the opportunity to make delicate individual decorations for your table, Christmas tree or home.

Each kit is thoughtfully designed with all the materials and instructions to craft 24 rosettes, along with 4 meters of red linen thread to join them. Once you've mastered the techniques, you'll be able to use these skills year after year (we especially like to repurpose used gift wrap and save it from the recycling bin!).

*Suitable for both adults and children, this kit invites the whole family to take part (with a little help for the little ones).

The details...

- Each kit contains: Patterned papers in 6 of our signature designs, 4 x meters of red linen thread, printed instructions.
- Each kit measures 275 x 110 mm.
- Made in the UK.

Ola papers are printed sustainably onto FSC certified stock using vegetable-based inks. Each kit is carefully wrapped in a handmade patterned envelope, carefully crafted in-house at their Bristol studio.

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