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Seek Little Things

The Little Things Card Deck

The Little Things Card Deck

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The Little Things is a considered card deck that transports you to the special little moments of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The little things in life stitch together the small moments that make up everyday living. When we hold onto those moments, the simple, ordinary everyday markers, they ignite an indescribable feeling within.

If you, like us, have experienced life in constant fifth gear, where your job is demanding, you have a young family to look after, or generally feel like you don’t have time to truly witness life, then this deck is for you. An excuse to pause, to be present, and be reminded of the beautiful little things we tend to miss in the simple everyday.

Inside you'll find 45 cards to connect you to the seasons and senses. There are an additional 5 blank cards for you to write down your own appreciation of the little things in your life.

How to Use:
The cards are there for you to interpret and connect with in whatever way you feel called to. When picking up a card you are transported to a memory, feeling and sensation that remind us that the little things matter.

Journal | Draw | Paint | Storytell | Dance | Reminisce | Vision board | Meditate

The applications are endless.
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